Nowadays, many different solutions help transportation businesses to get a tighter grip on their business, comprehensively managing every aspect of the organization with a single system for ultimate control.

By controlling spending, managing infrastructure and assets, and increasing customer loyalty, technologies ensure organizations in the transportation sector can increase efficiencies, streamlining operations and meeting their corporate goals.


Efficient fleet management

Track the movement and costs of fleet assets throughout their lifecycle. Store valued data to extend asset life.

Maximize profit

By automatically analyzing any vehicle data that’s collected.

Control Assets

Improve your insight into asset performance, costs, and regulatory compliance.

World wide access

Interact with your systems from wherever you are in the world.

Key Features

  • In-depth visibility and control over purchasing
  • Detailed business-wide, multi-department financial reporting
  • Faster billing cycles and cash collection
  • Integrated project budgeting modules
  • One version of the truth
  • Ability to track and manage all events in the transportation lifecycle
  • Compliance with industry, quality, and regulatory standards
  • Visibility across multiple supply chains and assets
  • HubCloud solution can highlight any inefficiencies, identifying efficiency savings that can be made, resulting in maximum cost-per-mile savings.


  • Air Freight
  • Courier services
  • Wholesale
  • Food Delivery
  • Complex shipments
  • Freight forwarding
  • Post Services
  • Road transport
  • Sea transportations
  • Railway transportation
  • Wholesale depots and storage
  • Import
  • Export

I’ve been running my logistics company for a few decades and to be honest, the last couple years were really hard. Mostly because of our old fashion business operations. We got used to doing everything by hand. And HubCloud solution delivered operational efficiencies by automating routine tasks, reducing planning efforts & reporting, and provides Key performance indicators & metrics for better assessment. Our business is rising more than ever and I finally can afford myself to spend more time with my family in Texas.

Alan Davidson / Prime logistics EU