HubCloud manufacturing software solves a number of challenges and provide invaluable benefits to manufacturers seeking to reduce costs, manage growth, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

Time-critical information is stored and accessed in a cloud database allowing all departments to access and update data in real-time. Tasks are automated, reducing the time needed to pull data and communicate it across departments, ultimately leading to better productivity.


Manufacturing software

Resource planning

Gain deeper insights into production costs and pinpoint areas to save money

Cost Reductions

Allows you to proactively manage operations, prevents disruptions and delays, breaks up information logjams


Start reaping the benefits tomorrow while your competitors put off and invest in ineffective solutions

Satisfied client

React quickly to customer demands, accelerate response times, and manage changes in purchasing, production and shipping


Gathering all pending orders

Notifying when it’s time to start the work

Automatic tasks creation: production materials purchase tasks, maintenance stuff purchase tasks

Adjustable for company needs

Current balance tracking of: production materials, maintenance stuff, finished product

Costs calculation

Role-based access control

Payroll calculation

Additional services orders


Food Production

Production of beverages and tobacco

Textile factories

Paper Production

Printing and related support activities

Production of petroleum products and coal products

Production of metal products


Production of computer and electronic products

Clothing Production

Production of leather and related products

Production of wood products

Primary metal production

Chemical production

Production of plastics and rubber products

Production of non-metallic minerals

Production of electrical equipment, devices and components

Production of transport equipment

Furniture and related products

HubCloud ERP Manufacturing

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After many years in ice cream manufacturing company I can defiantly say that nowadays this business sphere requires IT automation to stay competitive and profitable. HubCloud provided us with a unique tool that increased our manufacturing potential and improved business performance generally. But what most important is that the software has been changing along with company all the time which allowed us to save a many months of adjustment work…

Mike Freeman / Enjoyer CEO, CA