Warehouse solution

Business Automation

Data interchange, Data analysis, Forecasting, Back-office processes, Returns management


Operational savings, Order accuracy, Cost per unit control, Delivery time cut

Inventory management

Picking and Packing instruction, Loading vehicles, KPIs, Fulfilment live report

Better storage allocation

Inventory management process, Visibility, SKU routing


Recording and collecting the proper documentation

Business Reports

Assembly and packaging log

Real-time insights

Forecasting and managing projected volume and labor

Inventory tracking and control

Receiving and stowing

Payroll management


Retail warehouses

Cool warehouses and cold storage

Overseas warehouses

Packing warehouses

Railway warehouses

Canal warehouses

Storage and shipping systems

Automation and optimization

Other storage systems


A warehouse management system is a type of software that provides business owners with all necessary tools to manage warehouse operations and inventory movement to save time and eliminate manual processes. Warehouse solutions help to optimize inventory storage and tracking, warehousing operations, workload distribution, and shipping.

These types of warehousing solutions give you unprecedented visibility and real-time insight into every action that’s happening in the warehouse. A good warehouse management system will even help generate electronic picking lists based on orders that have inventory stored close to one another to decrease inefficiencies.

Quite an efficient platform. We defiantly moved to a new level in terms of managing our storage space. Helped us to discover some weaknesses that were holding the company from its organic growth. Highly appreciate the fast implementation time (2 weeks). Big thank to HubCloud team for integrating the system and providing a quick training.

Maria / WeStore, CA