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Reports will help you meet the requirements of any financial and business intelligence. Reports allow you to obtain the necessary data on the state of the Company and make management decisions based on these data.

Click on the “Report Name” button on the Dashboard.

Figure 1. Report page example

The following items are available on the report page (see Fig.1 Example) :

  • Control Button Menu (see Fig.1 Example > Red section )
    • Report. Generates a report at the specified settings.
    • Excel. Downloads the generated report to the Excel file.
    • Close | Open all Groups. Collapses/expands the entire group of report items.
    • Period filter. Sets the period for which the report is generated. The following period options are available:
      • Day
      • Month
      • Quarter
      • Year
      • Custom
      • No limits
  • Settings (see Fig.1 Example > Green section )
    • Filters. It allows you to filter the report by the selected item.
    • Pivot Table Elements. Allows you to customize the pivot table report
  • Report Data Section. (see Fig.1 Example > Blue section ) Displays report data.