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Sign In

To use the service, you must register. Registration is done by e-mail. To register, go to the registration page, specify a valid e-mail, agree to the terms of use and click the Register button.

To complete the registration, you must confirm your e-mail. A registration letter will be sent to your e-mail. You need to check your Inbox in your email client. Note that sometimes e-mail delivery takes some time. In addition, the registration letter may be in the Spam folder. If you have not received a registration letter within a few hours – write to us.

In the registration letter you will find a link that you must click to complete the registration. In modern mail services (for example Gmail), a link will be enough to click. However, in some email clients, the link may appear in plain text. In this case, the link text must be copied to the address bar of the browser and press Enter. After clicking on this link, registration will be completed, you will be redirected to the Hubcloud service and the process of preparing your account for work will begin.

In addition, in the registration letter you will find a password to access your Hubcloud service account. For ease of registration, we initially generate a password for you. However, we strongly recommend changing the initial password as soon as possible. We recommend creating passwords of at least 8 characters in length, containing numbers, letters in different cases and special characters.