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Change password

Hubcloud user can change the password used to access the service at any time.

To do this, you must enter the service using the current username and password. After logging in, in the upper right corner you will see the e-mail to which you registered. Left-click on this e-mail, and a drop-down menu will open. In the drop-down menu, select Profile.

In the user profile (User Settings page), click the “Password Change” button. After that, the password change form will open.

To change the password in the password change form, you must enter the current password. Then enter a new password and repeat the new password. Password must be at least 6 characters long. We recommend creating passwords of at least 8 characters in length, containing numbers, letters in different cases and special characters. When you click on the “Change” button, a new password will be set.

For security reasons, we recommend that you immediately change the automatically generated passwords that come to you in emails. In addition, regular change of passwords (once every few months) significantly increases the security of your data.