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Get started

HubCloud (SaaS – Software as a Service) is a fully customizable system. The absence of a fixed model provides high flexibility and allows you to automate a wide range of business tasks.

The system is based on a small number of objects. A Briefly list below:

Dashboards are designed to display summarized information in the form of indicators, graphs, charts, or tables.

Reports are the end product of most accounting systems. Accounting is carried out in order to obtain current data on the state of affairs in the Company, and make management decisions based on these data. And the reports are precisely the tool that allows us to obtain the necessary data in the form that convenient for study and analysis.

Catalogs intended to store the list of accounting objects. These are all entities that take part in business life: products, accounts, partners, etc. The system contains 13 standard Catalogs. However, a client can configure extra Catalogs using the Constructor of Catalogs.

Operations are used to reflect business actions by extracting and processing data, it performs calculations and creates records in Registers. An operation can create any number of records in any number of Registers.

Registers are used to store records data in the System. Registers are modified in the form of tables with specified columns. The number of Registers in the System is not limited.