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Row-Level Security

Row-Level Security allows you to control access to rows in the database tables by Catalogs items.

Row-Level Security (RLS) simplifies the design of security in your Model. RLS helps you implement restrictions on data row access. For example, you can ensure that users access only those data rows that are pertinent to their department. Another example is to restrict customers’ data access to only the data relevant to their company. The list of possible elements is not limited. See Example Fig. 1.

To limit access to certain data on a Catalog Item, it is necessary that in the Registers by which access will be set there is a field with this Catalog.

Figure. 1 Selective Data Access Example

Select Menu > Users > Permissions > Main tab > Row-Level Security > Check to activate Row-Level Security functions.

Select Menu > Users > Row-Level Security to set up Access.

  • Select the Catalog by the item of which you want to limit access to data.
  • Click Add button to add new settings;
  • Select the User for whom you want to apply the data access limit.
  • Select the item of Catalog of which you want to limit access to data.
  • Click the Save button to save settings.