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Hubcloud provides user management features:

  • Invite users to the system
  • Enable / Disable users;
  • Set user Roles;
  • Permissions. Defines user access to certain system objects: Catalogs, Operations, Registers, Reports, Dashboards
  • Row-Level Security. Defines control access to rows in the database tables by Catalogs items.

Invite users

For inviting a new User click Menu > Users. The Users button is available only with the Administrator rights.

Figure 1. Users management

The user management page has the following items:

  • The number of available and invited system users. For example, two out of two (2 from 2) see fig.1.
  • Users management buttons:
    • Invite new User
    • Edit. Selective Access Management.
    • Enable / Disable users
  • List of current users.

Click the Invite button to invite a new user to the system.

In the pop-up window enter the name of the new user, his email, check Role and Selective Access rights.

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