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Getting started with Integromat is easy! All you need to do is Sign up. Apps & Services – this is a section where ready-made applications are collected, select the HubCloud application to set up data exchange through Integromat or use shared this invitation URL.

Connection setup in Hubcloud

Step 1. Select Menu> Settings> Integromat Integration. Click the Refresh button to generate an API Key. Copy API Key.

Figure 1. Get Token

Connection setup in Integromat

Step2. Select Menu> Scenarios> Create New Scenario. In the Scenario configuration form add the HubCloud application

Figure 2. Add HubCloud app

Step 3. Next, select the required action

Step 4. Next, In Section Connection, Click “Add” button. Select Connection type: us or eu service. Paste Copy API Key in the API Key field. (see Step 1.) and Click “Continue” button.