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Console and Data Source Constructor

The Data Source Console and the Data Source Constructor are used to simplify the creation and debugging of data sources in the Hubcloud service.

Data Source Console

To access the Console, you must have the Designer role for the user.

Select the Constructor menu in the navigation bar, and then select DS Console.

Figure 1. Data Source Console

In the Console form (see Fig.1 ), at the top is a command panel with the Execute, Parameters, and Constructor buttons. Below is a text box for entering an expression. Results are displayed at the bottom of the console form.

An expression can be entered manually or created using the Constructor.

After editing the expression, click the Execute button. The system will execute the expression and display the result of the execution.

Sections with previous results are automatically collapsed the next time the expression is executed.

The header of the result section displays the expression that was executed. As well as the time is taken by the system to execute the expression. A section can be collapsed or deleted with the corresponding buttons.

Clear all button delete all the results displayed in the console.


You can set specific parameter values ​​before execution if you use parameterized (variable values) in the data sources. You can also change them for debugging purposes. You can debug the expression for specific parameter values without changing the text of the expression, but simply changing values.

Use the Parameters button to set the values.

Data Source Constructor

The Data Source Constructor allows you to interactively create a data source expression.

Figure 2. Data Source Constructor

Click the Constructor button to start using it.

  1. Enter a name in the Registration / Catalog field or choose from the dropdown list (see Fig. 2).
  2. Use the “+” button to add filters or functions.
  3. Each function has its own constructor section, in which you can enter parameters for this function.
  4. Click OK to finish editing.
  5. Сlick the Execute button to execute the expression and display the result of the execution.

Do not be afraid to experiment! The console works only to extract data, and you can’t change or corrupt the data.