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Data Source Expressions

Data Sources is a tool used to configure the system to extract and analyze data and perform calculations.

HubCloud has its own expression syntax for extracting data – “Data Source Expressions.” We make these expressions as simple to use as possible.

For users who have at least minimal SQL knowledge or Excel formulas, it will be easy to use the syntax of HubCloud Data sources.

Using Data Sources

Data sources are used by Hubcloud for the following tasks:

  • automatic filling of tables and selections in operations;
  • filtering items in lists;
  • filling in fields in operations;
  • processing and computing data;
  • extraction of data for reporting or indicators;
  • retrieving data from Hubcloud and then data is analyzed using Google spreadsheets;
  • and others.

Data sources can be written manually or created interactively using the Data Source Constructor. Using the constructor is especially useful at the initial stage of studying the syntax of expressions.

To debug data sources, use the special tool Data Source Console. The console allows you to create, execute an expression and immediately analyze the result of the data source.