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Pivot Table Report

Pivot Table is a powerful data analysis tool. Based on one data set, the pivot table allows you to group data and calculate totals in user-defined sections. The pivot table includes many reports at once.

Setup details see more Excel-based report template.

Figure 1. Pivot Table

Data sources

The data sources for the pivot table are configured similarly. See more:

Set up Excel File Template

For a pivot table, there is no need to mark data on a sheet. In the template file, you only need to configure the format of the cells and download the file.

Pivot Table Setting

A pivot table can be built in two ways directly from a data source or from data preloaded onto an Excel worksheet.

We recommend building a report using the data source without intermediate output to the sheet. Intermediate output to the sheet should be used when it is necessary to perform calculations that could not be performed in the data source.

If both the name of the data source and the sheet name are specified, the report will be based on the data source.

Click the Pivot Table tab to set up the following options:

  • Is active. Check for Pivot Table activation
  • Location. the default value of A1 means that the upper left corner of the pivot table will be located in cell A1.
  • Data source name. Name of the data source for the pivot table set on the data source tab. Use this field if the pivot table is to be built directly from the data source.
  • Sheet with data. The name of the Excel sheet of the template on which the data used to build the pivot table is located. Use this field if the pivot table should be built on the data located on an Excel worksheet.
  • Column overall totals. Check if you need to calculate the totals in columns.
  • Row overall totals. Check if you need to calculate the totals in rows.

Click the “Plus” button to add a data set to the available fields section.

  • Data column name. Source dataset name. Use the postfix “_title” if you need to enter the names of Catalogs items.
  • Title. Source dataset title display in the report.
Figure 2. Pivot table fields setting.

Click the “Plus” button to add a set of data that will be displayed in rows, columns, and values.