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Fixed Table Report

Fixed Table Report is a table of a fixed structure. In addition to the table, the report can include totals calculated by formulas, as well as simple numerical indicators. This type of report is used very often.

Setup details see more Excel-based report template.

In this example, we will consider a more complex report form with a fixed table using a tree structure, see the report in Fig 1. Cash flow report. The first line displays the amount of the initial balance. Next, the table displays the amounts for each budget item. The table below shows the total amount at the end of the period.

Figure 1. Fixed Table Report

Data sources

Configuring the report data source using the tree structure in the form of a tree is shown in Fig. 2.

See more:

Set up Excel File Template

The report layout is created in the Excel file. The marker of each value must be placed in the corresponding cell of the sheet. See more Setup Excel File Template and Fig. 3.

Figure 3. Excel File Template

In this example, to transfer data from the source money_start_1 to the report, used the Excel settings Define Name, see Fig. 4.

Figure 4. Define Name settings