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Register structure

Each Register in the HubCloud service contains standard columns. These columns already exist, you do not need to create them, they are in any entry in any Register:

Period – Date and time of recording.
Direction – The direction of the recording. Debit: 1, Credit: 2.
Template – The template of the operation that created the record.
Registrar – The operation that created the record.

The register can contain up to 1000 custom columns defined by the user. The following types of columns can be created:

  • Number
  • String
  • Date and Time
  • Yes / No (Boolean)
  • Link to any Catalogs

Recommended register Structure

HubCloud user can create an arbitrary structure register. However, based on our experience, we can recommend a structure that is suitable for most accounting tasks:

Company – Link to the Company Default Catalog. We recommend always adding, even if you now have one company.
Analytical section 1 – Link to the Catalog.
Analytical section 2 – Link to the Catalog.

Analytical section N – Link to the Catalog.
Quantity – Needed if quantity needs to be considered.
Amount – This is necessary if you need to consider the amount.
Currency – Required if currency accounting is in progress. It is better to add if there is a possibility of the need for currency accounting.
Comment – Optional.