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“Table Fill” and “Pick up” settings

Table Fill

Use “Table fill” option, when you need to automatically fill the table with some data stored in the Registers or Catalogs

On the tab “Table fill” (see Fig.1) of the operation template, print a Data source expression that will extract the necessary data and put it to Table.

Figure 1.

In this case, in the form of an operation on the Table, the Fill submenu (see Fig.2) will appear in which the buttons corresponding to the configured Data sources will be available.

Figure 2.

When you click on the button from the Fill submenu, the operation table will be cleared, then data on setting up the data source will be received and this data will be placed in the operation table.

Pick up

The “Pick up” option is close to the Fill option. But in the case of “Pick up”, the user can select some records which are needed to put at the table is.

The “Pick up” option is also configured on the Fill tab page of the operation template by using a Data source that extracts the necessary data. The source used for “Pick up” must also extract the title of Catalogs, so that the user can navigate in the selection form.

If in the selection form it is not necessary to display some columns with data, but they are needed to fill the table, then it is necessary to use the _title postfix, a column without a postfix will not be shown.

For example, if we have a product column with id and a product_title column with titles, then in the Selection only the column with titles will be displayed, and the operation table will be filled out according to the data from the product column.

The data is filled in by the coincidence of the names of the columns of the operation table and the columns of the result table of the data source.