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Setup the Operation’s List

If necessary, you can display fields from the operation header in the list of operations. To do this, you need to configure the list on the List tab of the operation template.

Figure 1

On the List tab is a table with the settings for the columns of the operation list. To Add a new column to the list of operations, click the “+” button above the table. In this case, a new row will be added to the table. The following fields must be configured in the line:

  • Field – you must select the header field that will be displayed in the list of operations.
  • Title – the heading of the column of the list of operations.
  • Width – the width of the column of the list of operations in pixels, if not filled, then the size will be set automatically.
  • Filter – use the filter for this column in the list of operations. Available for directory type columns.

After changing the settings of the operation list, to apply the settings to existing operations, it is necessary to Save all existing operations.