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Operation batch processing

Hubcloud allows you to perform some actions with a group of operations.

To use this function in the settings of User access privileges, it is necessary to select the “Operation batch processing” checkbox.

After activating this function, the option becomes available in the operation list management menu.

Figure 1. Operation batch processing

For batch processing operations, check some or all of the operations.

The following batch processes are available:

  • Create records. Creates register records.
  • Remove records. Remove register records.
  • Lock. Disables editing and deleting operations
  • Unlock. Enable editing and deleting operations.
  • Change header fields. Updates operation fields when the structure is changed.
  • Update data source. Updates the operation data for which Data Sources are configured.
  • Fill list columns. Updates fields in the list of operations.
  • Delete. Deletes the selected operation. Attention! Unrecoverable deletion.