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Operations templates

Operations intend to reflect and process all company’s actions. For example, Sale of products, Use of materials, Payroll, Tax payment, Receipt of order…

The purpose of operations in HubCloud service is to provide information about events in the economic activity of the company and to “decompose” the entered information into registers for subsequent storage and processing.

For example, we purchase products from a supplier. In this case, we need to reflect the debt to the supplier in the context of the Partners, and possibly some additional analysts (Agreement, Order, etc.). For this purpose, we will create a record in the Purchases Register. At the same time, we need to reflect an inventory increase inside an Inventory Register. Register examples are described in the section Registers.

Even such a simple accounting, with only two Registers, will never work out effectively in Excel. Because if you manually make entries in the Purchases and Inventory Registers each time, mistakes are inevitable. And in real accounting models, one operation can write to a significantly larger number of Registers.