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Default Catalogs

Below is a list of Default Catalogs in the HubCloud service. Title column – contains the Title of the Catalog. Column Name is the name of the Catalog in the system, the name must be known for use in formulas. The column Additional fields indicate the possibility of using additional fields in this Catalog.

TitleNameAdditional fields
CurrencyCatalog.Currencynot available
MeasureUnitCatalog.MeasureUnitnot available
ProductGroupCatalog.ProductGroupnot available
CompanyCatalog.Companynot available
DepartmentCatalog.Departmentnot available
BudgetItemCatalog.BudgetItemnot available
ScenarioCatalog.Scenarionot available
CompanyAccountCatalog.CompanyAccountnot available
Finished ProductCatalog.FinishedProductavailable
Finished Product KindsCatalog.FinishedProductKindsavailable


Some manufacturing enterprises do not know the list of products in advance, because the parameters of the final product become known at the time of order. Moreover, different types of products may have different sets of parameters.

To automate such tasks, Default Catalogs Finished Product and Finished Product Kinds are implemented.
Unlike other Default Catalogs, Finished Product and Finished Product Kinds Catalogs are not available in the system by default. You need to add them to the list of Catalogs Templates by clicking the Configure Standard button.

The fundamental difference between the Catalogs Finished Product and Finished Product Kinds from other Catalogs is that the list of properties available for the product is set not at the time of system design, but by the user when creating a new Product View.

As properties of the product, any types available in the system can be used. For numbers, it is possible to set the minimum and maximum values, as well as the change step.

Default values are also provided.

If necessary, automatic generation masks can be specified for the name and title of the product. Names of properties can be used as parameters in the mask.

Example mask for the header:
stool [{{stool_length}}] X [{{stool_width}}]

Properties names are indicated in double braces {{CharacteristicName}}