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Creating a Custom Catalogs

For creating a new Custom Catalog select Menu > Constructors > Catalog templates. The Constructors submenu is available only with the Designer right.

The list of Catalogs looks like many other lists in the system. At the top there is a command panel with the Add, Change, Delete buttons.

To Add a new Catalog, click the Add button. A submenu appears with two points: Add new and Setup standard (default). You must select Add New.

In the New Catalog form, you must enter the title of the New Catalog, the Name will be generated automatically. If necessary, the Name can be adjusted manually. The maximum length of the Name is 20 characters, the Name must not contain spaces, special characters except the underscore “_” and must begin with a letter. The Name is entered with lowercase characters (lowercase characters). The Name is an important field – it is used to refer to the Catalog in expressions of Data sources. After creating the Catalog, the Name cannot be changed.

Add a Comment as needed. You also can add a comment later after creating the Catalog.

Click Create button to Save new Catalog and start settings additional fields.

Note. For uniformity, we recommend that you name the Catalogs in the singular and specify the title of the list in the plural. For example, Heading: Warehouse, List heading: Warehouses.