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Customer management solution provides a wide-range functions to simplify your workflow:

  • Lead management

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Pipeline management

  • Forecasting

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reports & metrics

Constant data monitoring always brings satisfying results. Build reports and customize widgets that empower fast, effective, data-driven decisions by measuring, tracking, and sharing your metrics. Use all modern indicators and customizable reports to suit your unique business style.


Connect to multiple data sources at once. Whether your data lives in the cloud, spreadsheets, on-premise servers, or anywhere else. Our customer management solution has wide-range integration list with many digital tools to ease you daily workflow and automate routine processes.



Retail (B2C)

  • Product preparation management
  • Contact management
  • Shipping management
  • Order picking management
  • Order distribution and delivery management
  • Client base


Retail (B2B, Wholesale)

  • Sales planning
  • Plan execution and analysis
  • Sales management
  • Contact management
  • Resupplying calculations
  • Lead management
  • Warehouse management



  • Accounting for goods sold
  • Claims management
  • Service Repair Management
  • Maintenance management
  • Resource accounting (labor, spare parts)
  • Client base

I’m thankful to HubCloud team for a tremendous contribution in my café business. Retail solution helped me to make my company operations transparent which allowed me to make some important changes in product line.

Ana, CEO

LA Mademoiselle cafe