Why do you need a budget?

for example, for a trading company

Then, so that on the one hand there is always a product for sale (otherwise, it will be a complete collapse: sellers – there are, a warehouse – there, but no work and revenue)

And on the other hand, can you buy twice as much product, and there will be no collapse? But this will lead to what a cash break will be.

This is the struggle between a cash shortage and an empty warehouse

this is the management of a trading company and the core of its


HubCloud Financial Suit (EPM software) helps you to analyze your business, extract useful data, and generate reports. It designed to automate organizations routine task, allocate a budget, forecast and report on business performance, and reconcile and summarize financial results (“Financial Close”). In the face of constant change, increasing competition and an unstable economy, EPM helps companies adapt faster to change.

EPM business processes (strategic modeling, planning, consolidation and financial accounting, reporting and performance analysis) are primarily focused on finances and help companies better understand data and use them to make more effective business decisions. HubCloud provides automation of financial and management accounting and financial planning. Manage your cash flow easily.


Financial Suit

Integrated Targets

Coordinate company planning, make forecasts quicker

Financial Close

Provide actual and valuable reporting data


Effectively manage reconciliation of accounts at the global level

Profit Growth

Estimate expenses and incomes and determine the optimal investments


Saving time on data collection, processing

Improving budget planning and forecast accuracy

Financial modeling and analysis tools

A single source of information for all types of planning (strategic, investment, operational)

Plan-fact analysis

Setting up user access, assigning those responsible for the implementation of the plan

A web interface that supports a wide range of users in the system

Scalable architecture and high system performance

Data structure based on one of the best services Microsoft Azure

Georgy Klatsky | CEO StockVisor

Financial world is all about numbers and correct calculations. Having a technology to do some routine task has allowed me to be fully concentrated on more important aspects of our business. What I personally liked the most about HubCloud is that they were able to configure the model exactly for our company needs just in 10 days, which gave us a tremendous advantage in fast growing.