Back-office management 

Web-based management software for SMB. It integrates CRM, ERP and financial control modules and allows users to combine information flows into one system.

    • Separated data stream collection and analysis
    • Wide-range integrations with leading Saas
    • Data entry processes automation
    • Flexible reporting engine


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Functionality in simplicity


The software interface is adjustable under the company’s structure and unique requirements

Integration with over 2000 various management services allows the system to collect and analyze separate data streams in one place. Automates and modernizes the most complex sections of the company.

Unique customization

3 weeks implementation

Data exchange algorithm

Cloud-based software

wide range of solutions

Platform that benefits

Labor Costs

Employees KPI



  • Data exchange between various corporate resources, online stores, any trading and accounting solutions, bank accounts;
  • Fast and simple entry of any data into the system, expands its capabilities and improves the quality of business management;
  • External reports for sharing an information
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Back-office management software

Software supports the creation, administration, and end-to end delivery of all financial processes including budgeting planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting. It automates your company’s financial and management reporting processes.


Increase your profit by cutting costs and pushing sales.

CRM Module

Store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities.


Manage your employees and track payroll history.


Plan and designate project resources, monitor progress, and stay informed.

complement your company

Your business has it too

Research shows that current digital tools support organizations only for 30%, covering a few general aspects. In reality, most of the operations of companies are unique, in this regard, automation and simplification of such processes are possible only with unique customization.

Solutions Solutions


There is always a pain or a difficult time-consuming process that needs to be taken care of. Let HubCloud’s method solve it for you.


Processes that are still carried out by using either manually entering method or basic digital tools pulling business efficiency back.


What is EPM?

EPM, also known as business performance management software (CPM), financial performance management software (FPM), or business performance management software (BPM), is designed to help enterprises directly link their strategies with the implementation of their business plans. It specializes in combining business intelligence (BI) with financial management and forecasting to help manage the organization’s revenue from a data-backed position.

Cloud EPM Growth

The fastest-changing areas of EPM include the rapid adoption of cloud platforms by organizations that have often rejected them in the past. Most cloud-based business administration software today has a number of proprietary, third-party, highly tuned on-premises systems that currently require intensive investments to stay up to date. Infrastructure costs and the lengthy process of updating local legacy and third-party systems drain many IT budgets.
The consensus among analytics firms, including International Data Corporation (IDC), Forrester, Gartner, and others, is that cloud-based EPM will outperform on-premises systems in the next five years or less.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This is a business process management software that allows an organization to automate many of the functions associated with technology, services and human resources. ERP software typically integrates all aspects of an operation — including product planning, development, production, sales, and marketing — into a single database, application, and user interface. It can sometimes be represented as a cloud-based enterprise management service.